Non-combustible Aluminium Core Panel

Ultracore G2/ Mondoclad/ ProClad/ Alpolic NC/ Aodeli NCP/ Vitracore G2 and VItradual are the leading products for non-combustible alumium facades commonly used in commercial construction.

Visually, ULTRACORE G2 is the same as traditional composite panel; but what makes it different is the technology of the core, which is constructed from a 100% aluminium structure rather than combustible material.

ULTRACORE G2 manufactured by BLUECHIP has a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) non-combustible aluminium core when tested to AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 as per the requirements of the BCA/NCC. It has also been tested by Exova Warringtonfire to BS 8414 and AS 5113 full-scale fire testing. Visually, ULTRACORE G2 non-combustible aluminium core panel is the same as traditional ACP but what makes it different is its 100% non-combustible core. It is the only ACP product available which has correctly passed AS 1530.1, AS 1530.3, BS 8414 and AS 5113 (less debris criteria).